Vacuum Gauges

Dial “Utility” Gauges

0 – 30″ Hg


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  • Accuracy within 2% full scale
  • Rugged Bourdon tube design
  • Liquid filled construction
  • Brass or stainless steel

Our U.S. Vacuum brand utility gauges utilize a bourdon tube design. As the system pressure varies, the bourdon tube contracts and operates a mechanism which rotates the pointer over a graduated scale calibrated in inches of mercury. These are production duty gauges made to withstand the vibration and corrosive effects common with production duty equipment.

High quality GERMAN ENGINEERING for accuracy and durability. Product of the European Union

Gauges are available in either standard Brass internals or ALL 316 Stainless steel

Standard Construction Gauges (Brass)

VGBB-250-30"2-1/2"1/4" NPT$85.00
VGBB-400-30"4"1/4 NPT$125.00

316 Stainless Steel Gauges

VGBS-250-30"2-1/2"1/4" NPT$95.00
VGBS-400-30"4"1/4 NPT$195.00