Dry Claw Vacuum Pump

42 & 106 cfm Vacuum: 38 Torr (28.34″ Hg)

The CVP Series Dry Claw vacuum pumps are positive displacement, air-cooled, claw type, dry running vacuum pumps. The non-contact design eliminates internal wear and maintenance resulting in a highly reliable and durable pump. No cooling water or sealing oil is required in the pumping chamber resulting in a clean and oil-free exhaust environment.

The pump incorporates two claw shaped rotors that rotate in opposite directions to compress and move the process air through the pump and to the exhaust muffler silencer. The rotors are synchronized by precision timing gears that are splash lubricated for a long and trouble-free life.Designed for pumping Air and other non-reactive, non-corrosive, non-flammable gases only.

The pump is available with single phase or three phase motor. Standard accessories include vacuum gauge, regulator, particulate filter, exhaust silencer and support base.


  • Max vac to 28.34″Hg
  • Oil-Free (Dry) operation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Simple single stage design
  • Suitable for variable speed drives


Oil-Free exhaust
5 Micron inlet particulate filter standard
Uses standard NEMA frame Invertor duty motor

CVP-42 Dry Claw Pump

$ 5,450.00

CVP-42 Tank System (120v)

$ 7,850.00

Nominal Capacity-CFM42106
Speed (RPM)34503450
Motor-Installed power (HP)26
Noise level at 60 Torr- db(A)7878
Inlet connection (Inches)11-1/4"
Ultimate Max vacuum (Torr)40 (28.34"Hg)40 (28.34"Hg)
Ultimate vacuum continuous (Torr)75 Torr (27"Hg)75 TORR (27" Hg)
Weight (Lbs)112429