5.6-353 CFM
Vacuum to: 27′ Hg

Model DV 6
Displacement: 5.6 CFM
Max Vacuum 25″ Hg


DV Series Rotary Vane Dry Vacuum Pumps

The DV series of pumps are 100% oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps. They are designed to operate on a continuous basis at any point from atmospheric pressure to a vacuum level of 22.5—27′ Hg depending on the pump model. The oil-less pumps are ideal for applications where oil or water sealed pumps are objectionable. The pump come complete with an electric motor, inlet filter, base and/or vibration isolators and discharge muffler (as required). Made for pumping air only.

Applications include graphic arts, vacuum packaging, forming, hold-down, robotics, material handling, air sampling, central vacuum systems and others.

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ModelDV-6DV-7DV-11DV-18DV-28KVT 3.100KVT 3.140VTLF 250VTLF 400VTLF 500
Displacement, CFM5.671118286995173280353
Max Cont. Vacuum ("Hg)25" Hg25" Hg25" Hg25" Hg25" Hg27" Hg22"Hg25" Hg22.5" Hg22.5" Hg
Motor, Hp0.560.6.941.2257.5101824
Suction Connection3/8"1/2"1/2"3/4"3/4"1-1/2"1-1/2"2"4"4"
Speed (RPM)3300174011508501150
Weight, Lbs243550578423032086510901100
Noise Level dBa59626467727779817883
3 Phase 60 Hz 230-460V$1520$2895$3350$4450$5550CALL FOR PRICING
1 Phase 60Hz 115V$1520$2895$3350$4450$5550CALL FOR PRICING
1 Phase 60Hz 220-240V$1520$2895$3350$4450$5550CALL FOR PRICING

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