Premium Lubricating Oils


U.S. Vacuum brand of lubricating oils are PREMIUM GRADE fluids designed and manufactured for use in high vacuum pumps & equipment. All of our fluids are HYDROTREATED and DISTILLED to provide a truly exceptional grade of oil for your vacuum equipment. All at a MODERATE PRICE.

The hydrotreating process removes sludge causing impurities such as sulfur, nitrogen and unsaturated hydrocarbons that can cause early pump failure. Distillation removes high vapor pressure contaminates that limits the ultimate obtainable vacuum that the pump can achieve. These oils are ideal for use in Rotary Vane and Rotary Piston vacuum pumps where high heat and contaminate levels are present.

For assistance in selecting the proper grade of oil for your pump call
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SUS @ 100 Deg. FSIZE$
US 350SS-323501 QUART$20.00
US 550SS-1285501 GALLON$45.00
US 350SS-053505 GALLON$165.00
US 550SS-055505 GALLON$165.00
US 350SS-5535055 GALLON$1,145.00
US 550SS-5555055 GALLON$1,145.00


350 SUS: Two-Stage Rotary Piston and Two-Stage Rotary Vane vacuum pumps.

550 SUS: Single Stage Rotary Piston and Rotary Vane vacuum pumps

SS: Semi-synthetic Hydrocarbon lubricating oil (Grp 2/3 base stock)