SLR (Synthetic Low Reactivity) VACUUM PUMP FLUID


Examples of Chemical Oxidation & Hydrolytic attack of Lube oil



U.S. Vacuum offers an exceptional high quality vacuum pump oil for use in specialty applications where chemically reactive gases are present in the process gas stream. Many vacuum processes expose vacuum pumps and their lubricating oil to contaminate gases that can cause oxidation, polymerization or hydrolysis of the lubricating fluid resulting in sludge and/or varnish formation. Our SLR fluid, a synthesized organic polymer, uses advanced technology to offer the highest grade chemically inert, fully (100%) synthetic, hydrocarbon based lubricating fluid for use in oil sealed vacuum pumps.

The base fluid has a molecular structure that is completely saturated with only single bond formations and completely free of sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and aromatic hydrocarbons. This results in an extremely stable, non-reactive base oil that maintains molecular structure and integrity when confronting reactive agents such as water and organic compounds. Our anti-wear (AW) package uses eco-friendly ashless components with no heavy metals (calcium, zinc and molybdenum) and are integrated “off-molecule” for deposit free operation.

Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps are the preferred type of pump used in heavy industrial applications where high volumetric flows, deep vacuum & robust construction are required to provide process vacuum reliably day after day . Synthetic polymer fluids are therefore essential in production duty vacuum pumps where compromised gas streams are present and machine uptime is of paramount importance. Ideal for use in all positive displacement and centrifugal vacuum pumps and offered in various viscosity grades. Thermal stability to 300F

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US150SLR325 & 55 GallonLiquid Ring
US350SLR681- 5- 55 GallonTwo-stage Rotary Vane
US550SLR1001-5-55 GallonSingle Stage Rotary Vane and Piston


US150: Liquid Ring vacuum pumps.   SDS

US350: Two-Stage Rotary Piston and Two-Stage Rotary Vane vacuum pumps.    SDS

US550: Single Stage Rotary Piston and Rotary Vane vacuum pumps.  SDS

SLR: Synthetic Low Reactivity Hydrocarbon based lubricating oil