Rental Vacuum Pumps

  • 2-week minimum rental period
  • Shipping charges exclusive of rental rates
  • All pumps ship from our N. Texas warehouse
  • ALL pumps are Air Cooled unless otherwise noted
  • Call for availability, inventory status changes frequently
  • ALL pumps are OIL LUBRICATED unless otherwise noted
  • Photos are actual or representative of the pump offered for rental
  • Pumps are NOT explosion-proof or Oxygen compatible unless otherwise indicated
  • ALL rental fees apply towards the purchase of the pump (if formally purchased and paid in full before the pumps’ return)



KTC-21B: 21 CFM, 2-STAGE, 5 Microns, 230v or 460v (3-ph only)

$ 300/Week

RPC-30:  32 CFM, 2-STAGE, 20 Microns, Air-Cooled, 460v

$ 450/Week

RP50C: 52 CFM, Single-Stage 50 Microns, Air-Cooled, 460v

$ 550/Week

KTC-55: 55 CFM, 2-Stage, 2 TORR, Air-Cooled, 460v

$ 495/Week

RP300C: 300 CFM, 50 Microns, AIR-COOLED, 460V

$ 850/Week

CBP-200/RP50C BOOSTER SYSTEM: 200CFM Booster W/ 52 cfm Rotary Piston vacuum pump. Air-Cooled

$ 750/Week


USV-15F: 15CFM, 29.5″Hg, Single stage, Air-Cooled, 120v

$ 150/Week

Leybold D-65B Duplex: 106 cfm (53 cfm x 2), 4 Microns, 460v

$ 600/Week

10HP 180 cfm, 1 mmHg, 29.88″Hg, (460v)

$ 550/Week

BUSCH RC-400: 300 CFM, 29.6″Hg, Air-Cooled

$ 700/Week

Busch RC-630: 490 CFM, 29.6″Hg, Air-Cooled (460v)

$ 750/Week


LRV-350NC Air ejector System: 175cfm, 25Hp, 460v, 11GPM water usage,
MAX Vacuum 10 Torr (mmHg) w/ 60 Deg Water)

$ 450/Week