Central Vacuum Systems 

Most of our vacuum pumps are available to be mounted onto vacuum receiver tanks and packaged to be operated automatically. We offer both mechanical and transducer based controling. Oil lubricated, Dry vane, Dry claw, Dry piston and liquid ring vacuum pumps can be mounted in this manner. Simplex (1 pump) and Duplex (2 pump) systems are available. Transducer based controlling comes with a digital controller W/ LED display, 4-20mA output sensor and NEMA-12 enclosure. Mechanical switching utilizes a square D pressure switch rated for vacuum operation and starter box with contactor and overload protection. Fractional Hp pumps are wired directly to the mechanical switch.


  • Completely AIR COOLED
  • Vacuum to 29.9″ Hg
  • Compact design
  • Low Noise


TorrVac TCV Central Vacuum systems are completely packaged turnkey units available in either simplex or duplex tank mounted versions. They are compact in design due to the pumps being mounted on top of the receiver. Included with the pump and ASME coded receiver tank are all the necessary accessories such as inlet check valve, isolation valve, vacuum gauge, inlet filter, pressure switch and vibration isolators.

The TorrVac pumps used in the TCV series are oil lubricated, air-cooled, single stage, rotary vane units that require no water for cooling; no belts or gears to wear or loosen; 99.9% oil free exhaust and high water vapor handling capabilities.

The optional control panel comes with a UL listed & labeled NEMA 1 enclosure, main incoming lugs insulated and rated for 600VAC, control transformer with primary & secondary fusing, manual starter with contactor, frequent start/stop protection, H-O-A selector switch with LED indicator for run status and time meter.

Technical Data

Technical DataSpecTCV25STCV40STCV63STCV100STCV160STCV250S
Tank Size (Horizontal)Gal8080120120240240
Inlet, NPT (F)in.222222
System Price (Less Panel)USD$6,355$6,795$7,565$7,955$14,125$15,925
Control Panel (460V)USD$3,355.00
Control Panel (230V)USD$3,650.00