Valves and Fittings

Vacuum Relief Valve

Mainly used on Liquid ring Vacuum pumps to prevent cavitation damage from occuring inside the vacuum pump. Also used as a vacuum limitation tool preventing the pump from producing beyond a pre-set vacuum level. Manually adjustable

Flow Control Valve

Mainly used on Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps to regulate the proper GPM flow of sealant to the pump.
1-40 gpm available.

Inlet Check Valves

Inlet check valves used for the preservation of negative pressure (vacuum) upstream of the vacuum pump when the pump or vacuum system is turned off. Steel and Stainless steel construction available. 1/2″-6″ sizes available

ISO / NW Quick Fittings

Internationally accepted standard for high vacuum quick connect fittings. Known as NW, KF and QF flanges, these “Quick Flange” fittings are available up to 50mm (2″) sizes.

NPT, TEE, Hose, Tubing, Reducer, weldable are only a few of the various fittings available. (more).