for Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum to: 5 mmHg (Torr)


  • Low Cost
  • Vacuum to 5 mmHg
  • No moving parts
  • No increase in Hp

    An air ejector is a simple venturi devise which may be added to the inlet of a single-stage or 2-stage liquid ring vacuum pump to provide an additional pumping stage to extend the operating range of a liquid ring vacuum pump . With no increase in horsepower and utilizing ATMOSPHERIC AIR, the  ejector/liquid ring vacuum pump can achieve significantly lower operating pressures than are possible with the vacuum pump alone. The operation of the air ejector is similar to that of a water educator except that ambient air or recirculated discharge gas is used to provide the motive force for compressing the process gas. Ejectors are also often used when seal water temperature for the vacuum pump are higher than optimum and the risk of cavitation is elevated, the ejector allows deeper vacuum achievement w/o cavitation risk.

    Technical Data

    Ejector SizeModelAE55AE75AE125AE200AE300AE500AE800
    Ejector Flow @ 15 TorrCFM15307385155225385
    Required Pump sizeCFM/HP50/575/7.5125/10200/15300/25500/50800/75
    Suction ConnectionANSI1"1"1.25"1.5"1.5"3"4"
    Motive ConnectionANSI3/4"3/4"1"1"1"1.5"2"
    Overall Lengthinches1"7.4413.56"16.22"16.22"
    Ultimate VacuumTorr5555555
    Price for Ejector$995$1,200$1450$1,750$1,950$2,150$2,750

    Ejector Construction: Cast iron body, stainless steel nozzel